Providing world class services to the Manaufacturing, Power and Infrastructure Sectors

1 ExxonMobil  Deepwater QA/QC Inspection Services  on-going 
2 Afren  Central Fault Block Project  on-going 
3 NGC  Gas Supply to Abeokuta Customers Pipeline Project  on-going 
4 Chevron  South Offshore Area Produced Warer Disposal Project  on-going 
5 Jahind/MORPOL  Gas Supply to PHCN Power Plant - Papalanto Pipeline  12-Oct
6 ExxonMobil  Yoho Gas Pipeline Project- Brownfield Verification  11-Nov
7 SPDC  Otumara Node for Domgas Pipeline Project  13-Feb
8 ExxonMobil  Fabrication & PDMS True Built Support  12-Mar
9 ExxonMobil  Dimensional Control Service for Brownfield Fabrication  12-Mar
10 ExxonMobil  Iyak SE Slot Addition Project  12-Mar
11 ExxonMobil  Piping PipeFit and Fabrication Assurance  12-Mar
12 Total  OML 58 Upgrade  12-Nov
13 ExxonMobil  Fabrication Assurance Pigging Facilities  11-Dec
14 Pan Ocean  Ovade-Ogharefe to Koko Wharf Pipeline  11-Sep
15 Daewoo  Ughelli-East Utorogu Domgas Pipeline  11-Aug
16 Chevron  Escravos City Master Plan (ECMP)  12-Mar
17 Chevron  Utonana Facilities Upgrade  10-Sep
18 ExxonMobil  Satellite Field Development Project 1  10-Dec
19 ExxonMobil  Early Production Facility Project for Umusadege  10-Dec
20 ExxonMobil  Oso RK, RH and Usan Asset As-Built Project  9-Dec
21 ExxonMobil  Satellite Field Development - Brownfield Verification  9-Dec
22 Chevron  Onshore Asset Gas Management Project  9-Oct
23 ExxonMobil  Bonny River Terminal Skid Shed  9-Jun
24 ExxonMobil  Iyak E Well Development  9-May
25 Addax  Izombe F/S Tie-In to New Compressor Station  8-Dec
26 AGIP  Ogbainbiri Flowstation Upgrade  9-Jun
27 ExxonMobil  Ubit GE & GI Slots Addition Project  8-Dec
28 ExxonMobil  Inim-Enang-Ekhu FWAB Project  8-Oct
29 Nigerian Gas Company  Papalanto Pipeline Gas Supply Project  13-May